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Parallel neural pathways control sodium consumption and taste valence
Zhang, Y., Pool, A.H., Wang, T., Liu, L., Kang, E., Zhang, B., Ding, L., Frieda, K., Palmiter, R., Oka, Y.*
Cell 186, 1–15 (2023)

Enhanced recovery of single-cell RNA-sequencing reads for missing gene expression data
Pool, A.H., Poldsam, H., Che, S., Thomson, M., Oka, Y.*
Nature methods 20, 1506–1515 (2023)

A sex-specific thermogenic neurocircuit induced by predator smell recruiting cholecystokinin neurons in the dorsomedial hypothalamus
Jovanovic, P., Pool, A.H., Morones, N., Wang, Y., Novinbakht, E., Keshishian, N., Jang, K., Oka, Y., Riera, C.
Nature Communications 14, 4937 (2023)

Chondroitin 4-O-sulfation regulates hippocampal perineuronal nets and social memory
Huang, H., Joffrin, M. A., Zhao Y., Miller M. G., Zhang C. G., Oka, Y., Hsieh-Wilson C. L.
PNAS 120 (24) e2301312120 (2023)

Serotonergic fast lane from taste detection to preparatory digestive actions
Wang, T., Pool, A.H., Oka, Y.*
Neuron (preview) 110 (6), 907–909 (2022)

Sensory representation and detection mechanisms of gut osmolality change
Ichiki, T., Wang, T., Kennedy, A., Pool, A.H., Ebisu, H., Anderson, D.J., Oka, Y.*
Nature 602, 486–474 (2022)

Predicting changes in osmolality
Yang, Z., Wang, T., Oka, Y.*
eLife 10.7554/eLife.74551 (2021)

The cellular basis of distinct thirst modalities.
Pool, A.H., Wang, T., Stafford, D., Chance, R., Lee, S., Ngai, J., Oka, Y.*
Nature 10.1038/s41586-020-2821-8 (2020)

Neural control and modulation of thirst, sodium appetite, and hunger.
Augustine, V., Lee, S., Oka, Y.*
Cell 180, 25-32 (2020)

Multidimensional analysis of cell types in a hypothalamic node controlling social behavior.
Kim, D-W., Yao, Z., Graybuck, L., Kim, T., Nguyen, T., Smith, K., Fong, O., Yi, L., Koulena, N., Pierson, N., Shah, A., Lo, L., Pool, A.H., Oka, Y. Pachter, L., Cai, L., Tasic, B., Zeng, H., Anderson, D.
Cell 179, 713–728 (2019)

Temporally and spatially distinct thirst satiation signals.
Augustine, V., Ebisu, H., Zhao, Y., Lee, S., Ho, B., Mizuno, G., Tian, L., Oka, Y.*
Neuron 103, 242–249 (2019)

Chemosensory modulation of neural circuits for sodium appetite.
Lee, S., Augustine, V., Zhao, Y., Ebisu, H., Ho, B., Kong, D., Oka, Y.*
Nature 568, 93–97 (2019)

Neural populations for maintaining body fluid balance.
Ichiki, T., Augustine, V., Oka, Y.*
Current Opinion in Neurobiology 57, 134–140 (2019)

Peripheral and central nutrient sensing underlying appetite regulation.
Augustine, V., Gokce, S.K., Oka, Y.*
Trends in Neurosciences 41, issue 8, 526–539 (2018)

Opening a "wide" window onto taste signal transmission.
Oka, Y.*
Neuron 98 (3), 456–458 (2018)

Hierarchical neural architecture underlying thirst regulation.
Augustine, V., Gokce, S.K., Lee, S., Wang, B., Davidson, T.J., Reimann, F., Gribble, F., Deisseroth, K., Lois, C., Oka, Y.*
Nature 555, 204–209 (2018)

The cellular mechanism for water detection in the mammalian taste system.
Zocchi, D., Wennemuth, G. & Oka, Y.*
Nature Neuroscience 20, 927–933 (2017)

Thirst Driving and Suppressing Signals Encoded by Distinct Neural Populations in the Brain.
Oka, Y.*, Mingyu Ye, and Zuker, CS.
Nature 520, 349–352 (2015)

High salt recruits aversive taste pathways.
Oka, Y., Butnaru, M., von Buchholtz, L., Ryba, NJ., and Zuker, CS.
Nature 494, 472–475 (2013)

The cells and peripheral representation of sodium taste in mice.
Chandrashekar, J., Kuhn, C., Oka, Y., Yarmolinsky, DA., Hummler, E., Ryba, NJ., and Zuker, CS.
Nature 464, 297–301 (2010)

The taste of carbonation.
Chandrashekar, J., Yarmolinsky, D., von Buchholtz, L., Oka, Y., Sly, W., Ryba, NJ.,and Zuker, CS.
Science 326, 443–445 (2009)

Odorant receptor map in the mouse olfactory bulb: in vivo sensitivity and specificity of receptor-defined glomeruli.
Oka, Y., Katada, S., Omura, M., Suwa, M., Yoshihara, Y., and Touhara, K.
Neuron 52, 857–869 (2006)

Olfactory receptor antagonism between odorants.
Oka, Y., Omura, M., Kataoka, H., and Touhara, K.
EMBO J 23, 120–126 (2004)

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Credit: Elena Galofaro Bansh